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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 24, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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in the news this sunday morning, october 24th, the giants win a thrilling game in philly to clinch the national league pennant. the giants host game one of the world series wednesday afternoon. government sets a november 6 trial date for the hikers held in iran. >> breeze conditions, 66 at the airport. 61 downtown. looking at some gusty winds this morning and more heavy rain on the way today. >> thank you, lisa. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. the san francisco giants are returning home this afternoon victorious. for the first time in eight years they are headed to the
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world series. after beating the phillies 3-2 last night to win the national league pennant. champagne showers were flowing after the game and the giants trailed 2-1 in the third inning when buster posey trapped one to third base then beat the throw to first. aubrey huff scored tying the game at two. stayed that way when juan rebay gave the giants the lead with a clutch home run. in the 9th inning with two runners aboard on base for the phillies, ron wilson strikes out ryan howard looking to end the game. >> it's not one guy that carries this club but it takes the whole team every night. that's how we've been doing it. again, we found a way to do it. a big series. sanchez struggled. the bullpen saved us. that's the way it's been all year for us. >> the giants come back to town this afternoon. they play the texas rangers in the world series game one
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wednesday at 4:30 at at&t park. giants fans celebrated the win loudly but peacefully after the game. (cheering) >> right after the game hundreds of fans gathered outside at&t park to cheer, honk horns and just celebrate. there were a few noise complaints from neighbors, but police say no problems. just a lot of traffic. hundreds of fans immediately converged on the giants' store to buy souvenirs and t-shirts. >> celebrate the world series. all over again. >> crazy crowd. >> oh, it's beautiful! that's what it's all about. (screaming) >> my people here! came down here to have a good time. go giants! >> on union street the bar none was packed with giants fans that just went crazy when the game ended and the giants were in the
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world series. now, season ticket holders have priority to get into the series. if you're a regular joe, a fan trying to score a few tickets for game one, take a look at how much it's gonna cost you, a small fortune. subhub, the official second market has them on sale from $460 to $2,550. e-bay you pay between $850 to $4,000. on craigslist they range from $450 to $4115. what about the weather for game one? lisa will be here in a second with that. last night celebrations were going on in the pouring rain. it is this season's first significant rainfall. 24 homes and businesses lost power when a fallen tree pulled down some utility lines in ross. (chain saw) >> firefighters had to slice this tree into small pieces
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after it toppled in guyserville. and traffic moved briskly through the rain along highway 101 near lucky drive. that is an area that often floods when it rains. so let's get more now with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, carolyn. boy, did it come down in the north bay. 1 to 2 inches here in sonoma. oakland over a third but notice a tenth in livermore and just trace amounts around san jose, redwood city. so we are looking at another storm system coming our way today. a bit of a lull in the action right now but we will be looking at some pretty heavy rain. winds are gusty out of the southwest. notice the activity well to the north. none of this really reaching the ground around point reyes. a few light returns over into the east bay. a few areas of mist and drizzle but all in all this continues to
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bring another system our way with this moist flow from the pacific. we're talking anywhere from another couple of inches in the north bay to about a half inch in the south bay. details on all that and a look ahead for the giants forecast coming up. >> we would like to see and share how the rain is affecting you. just send your video to youreport powered by you can also e-mail, video or photos, to youreport. >> well, it should be back to normal today at the port of oakland. yesterday dock workers shut it down to show their support for oscar grant, the former bart police officer who killed grant is scheduled to be sentenced in less than two weeks. and union members who work at the port say it's important for them to take action. let's get more now from abc 7's
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lisa amin gulezian. (chanting) >> anger, voices and messages fill the space in front of city hall. it's a rally for oscar grant. how just 13 days convicted bart police officer johannes mehserle will be sentenced for grant's death. >> standing alongside the grant family, members of several unions, including ilwu, the international long shore and warehouse union. they're the ones responsible for loading and off-loading cargo ships in bay area ports. instead of going to work, they are here. >> it's a huge deal. it is a huge deal for us to shut down the port of oakland. >> only one ship came into oakland's port and the port spokesperson says business really wasn't disrupted. regardless, those here hope this rally will have an impact. at least on judge roberts perry. he'll decide mehserle's fate on november 5th.
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>> anxiety. there was concern. i mean, you know, we were betting people based on the history, johannes is going to go home on probation. no one wants to see that. that's what this is about. >> grant's family and friends want mehserle to serve a minimum of 14 years. >> grant's family will read this letter in the courtroom before sentencing. >> oscar deserves justice. he shouldn't have been shot. he shouldn't have died january 1st, 2009. his life and his experiences were robbed from him. >> the pleas may reach a los angeles courtroom which is exactly what mehserle's attorney doesn't want to happen. >> the judge should grant him probation, release him immediately, and to let him reunite with his family. and that will be a mightily unpopular decision, too, if that's what the judge does. >> there was a huge police presence. officers were all around the
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plaza and many more were stationed on adjacent streets. so there were no issues and no arrests. in oakland, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> the two u.c. berkeley grads be held in iran have a trial date. iran's official news agency reports josh fattal and shane bauer will appear before the revolution court on november 6th. fatal and bower along with sarah shourd were arrested at the iran/iraq border. she was released in september, a classified u.s. report leaked on friday suggests that iranians crossed the border into iraq to arrest the three americans. up next why a peninsula hospital plans to shed its skilled nursing and
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marie cally's pension system is underfunded by $2 billion. that's according to a study by a stanford public policy professor. today's marin interjournal reports joe nation assumed a much lower rate of return on the fund's investments than marin county used. the stanford study assumes a 4% risk-free annual return while marin is counting on earning 75%. the stanford study estimates the chance of marin county meeting its pension obligations is just 16%. mental health services plans to sell off its skilled nursing and dialysis unit to save money. today's san francisco examiner says the private health company also plans to sell its rio dialysis centers in san mateo and burlingame. both centers serve an average of 210 patients. a spokesperson says the changes are due to the coming healthcare
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reform with medicare reimbursements to hospitals expected to drop sharply. well, wet pavement out there this morning, lisa. >> i don't think i mentioned a wind advisory. 5:00, those gusty southwest winds about 25 mph hayward. but with those winds it's mild. 67 at the airport. no delays yet but rolling in a bit later. a live look from our roof camera. you'll notice a little break. not everywhere. i'll detail the stormy looking forecast next. >> also next torture for fans but it is over. the giants are national league champs at their closing out at phillies. all the highlights from last night's nail-biting thriller. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread
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those are tears of joy from giants fans happy that the team is in the world series. san francisco supervisors are set to vote this week on the latest proposals for the city's transit first policy. transit first is designed to discourage people from driving cars in the city. and encourage alternate forms of transportation. the board will vote on increasing car share use doubling the number of people riding bicycles and reducing the number of vehicles used by city agencies. board of supervisors president david chew's resolution sets the goal of reducing car trips in the city 20% by the year 2020. and he is an avid cyclist who is always biking to work. gonna be a little rainy for people. gonna have to put a little -- what do you call those things on those helmets. >> saw some hard-core bikers
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yesterday. nothing stops them. today, you're right. one of those days again with heavier rain headed our way as the second in the series of storm systems bears down on the bay area. yesterday rainfall amounts range from just a trace in the south bay to over 2 inches in the north bay and later this morning cloudy skies, some light rain across the bay and it's breezy. we have winds gusting to some 25 mph across the south bay. live doppler 7 hd shows some light returns right now but more rain is beginning to fall north of the bay around fort ross and sea ranch and over towards cloverdale, windsor, santa rosa and that is going to increase throughout the morning hours and bear down in the north bay by about 10:00, 11:00 and the rest of the bay area throughout the afternoon will see pretty good rain. if you didn't see that much yesterday, more is on the way. the wind advisory keeping the temperatures up into the 60s.
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61 san jose and with winds out of the southeast very mild, this moist subtropical air holding more moisture and warmth. therefore numbers in livermore up as much as 11 degrees this morning. your winds not as strong. at the airport south winds at 12, hayward 21, mountain view southwest with gusts at 20 this hour. the wind advisory stays in effect until 5:00. we will see more heavy rains today and clearing for tomorrow. so with those winds, you may wanna put the rock on the garbage can. you could see some loose winds and maybe those gutters getting clogged if you haven't had a chance to clean those out. so we did have a little snow yesterday but right now we're looking at 46 degrees at blue canyon. so very, very mild conditions. here's a look at our satellite and radar composite. some of this is going to head to the south. that strong cold front on the way. here's the way it's going to look today. notice the light rain around the bay this morning but as we go
5:19 am
through the rest of the morning, by about 11:00, we're looking at heavier rain and by 5:00, 6:00 that pushes out of here. we could just have a stray shower in the morning hours. two-day rainfall totals, 2 inches already in sonoma. a couple more inches in the north bay mountains. totals in the east bay and south bay haven't been impressive but should see a half inch more in the south bay, maybe another inch in the santa cruz mountains. so we will be looking at some gusty winds throughout the day, temperatures ranging from upper 50s, san francisco, 62 oakland, 65 san jose. and in the monterey bay more heavy rain, 64 morgan hill. 62 salinas. the accu-weather 7-day forecast says rain heavy at times today right through the middle of the afternoon. and by evening time things taper off. still a left over shower in the morning. tuesday and wednesday dry. that includes the giants game and another system, a colder one could bring more rain and some
5:20 am
of this could be heavy by the end of next week. we have to fine tune that. >> this is the first significant rainfall and combined with the wind. >> exactly. and like you said, if you didn't get it yesterday, you'll see much more today. >> were you one of those on our staff who stayed up watching the giants game? >> no, no, no. >> everybody's a little drowsy. bear with us. but in sports it is a huge deal. gist the fourth time in 52 years the san francisco giants have won the national league pennant. game one of the world series is at at&t on wednesday against the texas rangers. the giants made it into the series by winning another torture-filled thriller against the phillies last night. here's mike shumann with all the highlights from the game 6 victory. >> good morning. and it was torture once again but the giants found a way to beat the phillies and you can pop the corks because they are going to the world series! an electric atmosphere in
5:21 am
philadelphia for game six. one hot to the wall. blasted up a two-one frame. lasted just two innings. but the third off roy. aubrey huff going up the middle. shane victory and at the plate still 2-1. next batter buster posey. chops one to third. off the mark. aubrey huff course, game tied at two. two outs. driving one deep to right. see ya! it leaves the building. a clutch homer gives them 3-2 lead. brian wilson freezes ryan howard to end it. giants headed to the world series to face texas. 3-2 the final winning the series 4 games to 2. >> not really. trouble early on but been like that all year long. he's one of the biggest reasons we're here. our bullpen tonight, man, they
5:22 am
stepped it up big time. >> we fought. we scratched and clawed. i don't know how we did it but we did it. obviously, you know, it was two of our starters coming in like that and a lot of -- what these guys wanted to do. >> game one, giants and the rangers wednesday at at&t park. all right. college football. stanford hosting the washington state cougars. the cardinals looking to keep their winning ways going. andrew lutz shakes off the pressure. the seven-yard hookup makes it 10-0. stefan taylor, fighting. then fighting tatar. 17-7 cardinal. much the same in the third. went up. watch this tremendous leaping grab. 17 yards. stanford 38-28. the coach wasn't that happy. >> obviously a lot of our fans didn't even bother coming to the game today. so what they expected, you know,
5:23 am
they don't always know. this was a good football team we played. you know, some things we're gonna have to address. get better at. really comes down to just some guys just not doing what they were supposed to be doing. at times it looked atrocious. >> cal hosting asu and berkeley. he hesitates. a little shuffle and left and right. 10-3, cal. second quarter, kevin reilly. four-yard touchdown, 16-3 cal. the play action, marvin jones behind the defense. 52-yard connection. 26-3 cal at the half. special teams firing on all cylinders. chris blocks the spot. scores. cal goes on to a 50-17 victory improving to 4-3. they definitely sent a message. >> not negative. always by outsiders.
5:24 am
and the only ones who believe were the ones in that locker room. >> there's cal alumni, cal people question their team's heart. and that is the biggest criticism you can have. >> all right. pat hill and fresno state taking off bulldogs with the razzle dazzle double reverse pass. rashard evans who walked in, 43-yard touchdown. opens up the fresno state lead. 33-18 your final. the sharks staying limber in he had munton. second period off the pass. puts in his own rebound, starts to melt the ice in edmunton. here it is. giants and texas rangers game one of the world series. national league championships at at&t park. 4:30. both teams looking for their first world series title. more from the giants and niners and raiders. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> the peninsula humane society is trying to find new homes for
5:25 am
cats and they're using giants fever as part of a new promotion. as lee glasser reports, this program is a strike right down the middle. >> figured nine lives, nine innings, nine players. it works. >> and, boy, does it! in just a week the peninsula humane society has found new homes for 50 cats. not just any cats, those with giants team colors. black, orange, and a mix of the two. the shelter's new promotion dubs go giants the real home run for felines just looking for a home. >> even changed some of their names. cats named panda and buster. people's latch on to it. >> and people who hear about the promotion are taking these little guys home. >> you go with the promotion? >> i found it. the humane society, didn't know it was here. >> the normal adoption price is $80 and a kitten is $95. during the giants promotion you
5:26 am
can adopt a cat or a kitten for just $9. >> the price includes spaying, neutering operations and microchipping. the shelter has hundreds of cats. though the promotion has been successful, other animal fear promoting black cat adoptions so close to halloween could put the animals at risk. others disagree and say those adopting a cat are seriously screened. >> i've seen real cruelty conducted against animals. i don't see it from halloween-related things. >> based on not having any evidence of a problem, we feel it's more important to find these animals homes during this time. >> the san francisco spca is also offering reduced adoption fees this month. the go giants promotion will continue through the end of october. 70 more cats covered in black and orange still need homes. so go giants!
5:27 am
>> in san mateo, lee glasser, abc 7 news. and if you would like to adopt one of those cats, we have a link on our website, just look under "see it on tv." up next at 5:30, another big downturn in bay area real estate. you'll see why potential home buyers are just too afraid to put in a bid. also the councilman caught
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5:30 am
years. looking into why people are afraid to buy new homes. >> it's the second slowest september in nearly 20 years for home sales in the bay area. 27% below average. >> people are a little apprehensive what's happening with the economy. >> louie is a realtor in the sunnyvale area. she does see a fair number of buyers still on the fence even though interest rates remain quite low. >> people are uncertain. job security and, you know, just with what's happening in the economy, the election. but people are still buying. >> there is a certain schizophrenia in the market. this sunnyvale property sold above asking price with multiple offers while others languished. they believe the low overall sales numbers are from a backlog of pending short sales, a sale of a home for less than the amount owed on the loan. >> the backlog of listings includes 48% short sales.
5:31 am
we have homes rolling around the short sales that just won't close. >> we're trying. >> san ramon's tom baker wants to buy. has put in offers on homes that are in short sales. >> we put in offers on the short sales, go through the agreement with the banks, get the agreement and at the last minute the people say, ah, it's not really for sale, we wanna file bankruptcy so we can live here another nine months. >> while sales are up, prices have gone up some. in the bay area in september 2009, the median sale price of a home in the bay area was $365,000. last month $395,000. an increase of 8%. that's still well off the median price at the height of the market in july 2007 of $665,000. the current price, $395,000 is 40% lower. in san ramon, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> first lady michelle obama is due to visit the bay area tomorrow to help raise money for
5:32 am
democratic candidates. mrs. obama is a very big draw. house speaker nancy pelosi's office confirms the first lady will attend a fund-raiser at the fairmont hotel in san francisco tomorrow night. it will be her second bay area visit since her husband took office. she was also here in june 2009. this morning president obama is back at the white house just ten days until the midterm elections. yesterday he closed out four gruelling days of campaigning and fund-raising after stops here in california and the bay area in fact. in oregon, washington, and nevada. at the same time sarah palin is encouraging republicans to keep the momentum going. abc reports. >> president obama wrapped up his longest campaign swing so far this season, five states in four days at a rally in minneapolis. he urged democrats to get out and vote for mark dayton locked in a close race for governor.
5:33 am
>> mark dayton has spent his life fighting for minnesota. and now i need all of you to fight for mark dayton so we can keep this place moving forward. >> while the president is not on the ballot november 2nd, his agenda could be seriously crippled by republicans gaining control of the house and senate. >> i need you fired up! because in just ten days you have the chance not just to set the direction of this state, but also help to determine the direction of this country. >> voter discontent with the economy, unemployment and home foreclosures have pushed the pendulum toward the republicans. but in a gop victory fund-raising rally in orlando, former vice presidential candidate sarah palin cautioned voters. >> now the momentum is with us. the momentum is with us but now is not the time to let up. now is the time where we dig deep. now in these last ten days is when we work extremely hard. >> riding the tea party express across the country telling
5:34 am
voters they have to change the course for the nation in this midterm election. >> we have the greatest country in the world and you all deserve much better than what you're getting out of washington. will you be there for america? >> abc news. >> back here at home, a san jose city councilman faces an investigation by prosecutors after offduty police and firefighters claim he illegally removed campaign signs. the officers and firefighters are campaigning against a ballot measure the councilman supports. the no-on measure v campaign posted this video. it shows the councilman handing over several no on v signs to police from the back of his car. he supports the yes on v campaigns. if passed, measure v would limit the raise police and firefighters gain through contract arbitration. oliveira claims he removed the signs from public property.
5:35 am
san jose bans putting campaign signs on public land. opponents insist he illegally took them from private property. the candidates for state support of public construction took part in a debate sponsored by abc 7. the san jose mercury news and the silicon valley leadership group. and you can watch it this morning at 11:00 right here on abc 7. and if it's raining, why not stay indoors and watch a little tv. >> why not. you know, we have a little break right now outside from our roof camera. the streets are wet. mild out there, temperatures in the 60s. the rain has begun again in the north bay. it will be spreading south. we see heavier rains. wind advisory in the bay area. i'll tell you what to expect for your sunday next. >> thanks, lisa. also ahead a bay area history
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faster ships and more whales. that is a dangerous combination converging near the fairlawn islands where feeding grounds and shipping lanes converge. a new effort of reducing a growing number of whale strikes. >> the crew of this ship didn't realize a whale was impaled until it cruised into port. this whale and fetus washed ashore in san mateo county. so far this year six whales have been struck by ships. three were endangers species. >> the hemorrhages and the breaking of the vertebrae in the whale all consistent with ship strike injuries. >> the coast guard says it's seeing a change in shipping patterns. >> they're headed out to the 24 mile line as fast as possible. >> and the ships are traveling down shipping lanes that run right through three national
5:39 am
marine sanctuaries. >> no one would ever choose to put a national marine sanctuary on top of a busy airport, sfo, but that's essentially what we have. >> at a meeting to address the problem, the pacific environment, an oceanic conservation group suggested a speed limit of 10 knots or 15 mph to give the whales enough time to get out of the way. most ships travel up to 25 knots as they approach the san francisco bay. >> representatives from the shipping industry declined to speak with us on camera but they say being restricted to 10 knots in the shipping lane would definitely affect their tight delivery schedule. >> they all have a very complicated logistics chain. it's planned very carefully and destruction is problematic. >> this is part of the coast guard's port access route study which has a goal of using public input to improve the safety for both ships and whales. in oakland, allen wong, abc 7
5:40 am
news. >> well, the wind and rain here in the bay area today. >> october before halloween! you think it's over, it's not over. closing in on half an inch in san francisco yesterday. and about a third of an inch in oakland with 2.77 sonoma county and san rafael, 1.28 over 24 hours. a live look outside emeryville this morning. the light wind, some fog. very mild conditions. another moist air mass begins to bear down on the bay area with rain falling already in the north bay. live doppler 7 hd shows some returns from santa rosa to hillsburg. the rest of the bay, a bit of a break but not for long. to the north of us we'll see more rain around cloverdale and ukiah. we'll be looking at all this to sag to the south and east today as a stronger cold front moves our way. so a lot of the rain beginning to taper off through the overnight hours. but we will be looking at it increasing throughout the
5:41 am
morning hours and we'll be looking at another couple of inches in the north bay. the temperatures right now 62 san francisco. 62 in fremont and mountain view with 58 in antioch and some gusty winds out of the south around hayward and mountain view and san jose this morning. so we do have a wind advisory until 5:00 tonight for winds gusting up to 45 mph. light rain breezy and mild this morning with a heavier rain late morning in the north bay spreading south and a slight chance tomorrow, a couple of day days monday afternoon tuesday and wednesday and we'll see more rain headed our way. so here's the southerly winds. pretty much everyone affected by this higher elevation to see winds of over 45 mph. winter storm warning until 11:00 tonight. much of this is rain right now. blue canyon at 46 degrees. we're looking at the chance of snow above 7500 feet. satellite and radar composite really looks like a february system here with one system
5:42 am
pushing on through and the next to the north and west of us. so this morning will be the quietest time of the day with the light rain. as we go through the later morning hours, notice the darker green and the yellow begin to sweep on through and by about 4:00 this afternoon, 5:00, everyone should see it tapering off shower activity. so from yesterday to late tonight, the totals ranging from 2 to 4 inches in the north bay mountains. another inch or so in the north bay today. about a half inch elsewhere bringing your totals to 1 to 2 inches around the peninsula and a half inch to an inch in san jose. temperatures today with the mild southerly winds in the upper 50s to lower 60s. 63 fremont, 64 in livermore with mid-60s here from morgan hill and gilroy and we'll look ahead. shows that after today just a slight chance of showers tomorrow and we'll dry out and warm up for more typical october weather late in the afternoon on monday. midmorning, tuesday and wednesday looking good for the
5:43 am
baseball game and then by next weekend, can you believe it! i bet you can. i bet you can believe it! >> well, it's not been a typical year. >> not at all. >> all right. thank you, lisa. ten years ago, ten years we introduced you to an educator teaching lessons about the civil rights movement that children weren't learning in the classroom, lessons he says are still relevant even with barack obama in the white house. this morning we salute jeff steinberg and his unique program. >> how many students am i taking? >> the former bay area history teacher jeff steinberg is celebrating the 10th anniversary of what he calls sojourn to the past. he'll visit dozens of schools encouraging students to follow him along the civil rights trail. >> i don't call this a black studies program or anything. this is our history as americans. >> this is a lesson learned outside the classroom. in his one of a kind program,
5:44 am
high school students board buses and head to the epicenter of the struggle for social justice and equality. they take a ten-day trip to the south tracing the places and meeting some of the people who propelled the civil rights movement. we went along ten years ago. >> it's been overwhelming being here in birmingham. >> in the past decade more than 6,000 bay area students have taken the journey. for some touching the living history of the civil rights movement has been life-changing. we met lola gomez on the inaugural trip. >> is this just gonna fade away when i leave? or is it gonna stick with me? >> he was one of the kids from three bay area high schools who followed the path of pioneers. like elizabeth, one of the so-called little rock nine. she was their age when she braved an angry mob to integrate central high school in 1957. they actually met her and the woman screaming in this famous
5:45 am
photo. that taught them about forgiveness, something that's not in the text books. they toured the memphis hotel where dr. king was murdered. they sat in the birmingham church where a bombing killed four little girls. shared the pain of one victim. >> we came by change. >> this is gomez today. he is now 26 years old and works with low income residents in san francisco's mission neighborhood. >> it was just a key moment in my life and helping me know what i wanted to do with my life. >> u.s. congressman john lewis was a nonviolent protestor beaten during the 1960s. this summer he introduced a resolution which passed unanimously honoring him. >> becoming better human beings. >> want this facility to help celebrate young teachers. >> morley is a soldier and board member.
5:46 am
her husband was an icon in the movement. assassinated by a klansman on the doorstep of his mississippi home. >> where he was shot. i said daddy died, daddy died. >> for the last few years rena evers has travelled with the students back in time. >> it's a key element. i'm not here in front of you. it's not something that happened a hundred years ago. >> it's not just the well-known names. the kids that make the journey meet ordinary people with extraordinary stories. >> i realized that even as a teenager, you can still do great things. >> he decided to become a high school history teacher. he now takes his students on the civil rights journey. >> this program go on forever and for foreand forever. >> but the program is
5:47 am
struggling. sojourn never turns anyone away who can't afford the $2600 cost. now with the down economy, the nonprofit is losing donations. still the founder is pushing on. >> i have found my life's work in doing this. and i keep going as long as there's a racial divide in this country, there's need to do this program. >> and so this morning we salute jeff steinberg for his dedication to teaching children about the civil rights movement. if you'd like to donate to the program or if you'd like to nominate someone for the salute, go to and click on "see it on tv." congratulations, jeff. don't go away. "7 on your side" is next. >> heating and air
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>> welcome back, everyone. this is a live look at the bay
5:50 am
bridge taken from our roof cam. it is 5:49, almost 5:50. thanks for sharing part of your morning with us. it's going to be a wet and windy one. stay tuned, lisa argen will be along with the full accu-weather forecast. most of us take our car in for a tuneup but it's less common to do a maintenance check on our heating systems at home. it turns out a simple tuneup can save you a huge repair bill later. here's michael finney with more. >> terry stone of compare heating and air conditioning is performing routine maintenance on a heating unit. >> just make sure everything's within spec. working safely. >> terry hopes to catch minor problems now before they turn into big problems later. he checks the gas pressure. too much gas pressure can overheat the furnace, the heat exchanger can crack. >> that's definitely something you want to avoid because a bat
5:51 am
heat exchanger can cost you $1500 to repair. cracks can also lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. he cleans the dust off the burner to keep the unit running at maximum efficiency. >> dust, that's when efficiency starts going down. >> for the same reason you want to also clean your filters. that's something you should do yourself every month. robert crewoff suggests homeowners get a tuneup on their heating and air conditioning units every few years. >> many firms will actually try to encourage you to get a maintenance contract, an annual contract. the checkbook is not real high on those things because many people don't need to have a maintenance visit every year. in fact, maybe have a visit only every two, three, or four years.
5:52 am
>> he also warns of companies that try to sell you expensive repairs. >> somebody comes and says, well, you need this and it's going to cost you a couple thousand bucks, say slow down. i think i'm gonna do a little price shopping on this. >> the better business bureau says the number one complaint is overcharging. >> i would just be cautious. if someone's coming out and immediately they want to start changing things or they want to start telling you that there's high repair bills coming, there's probably -- you probably need that second opinion. >> bay area consumers checkbook has ratings of 68 local heating and air conditioning companies. compare ranked high for both price and service. >> nice and clean. >> i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> coming up next, sounds of approval for a man devoted to the sound of music. life lessons and the piano teacher. you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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we will, here are the winning numbers from last night's superlotto game, 3:13, 15, 16, 25. the meganumber 11. no one got all six numbers correct so the jackpot will now be worth at least $11 million for wednesday's drawing. the oakland east bay symphony orchestra launched a series of six concerts for a tribute, a man giving kids free music lessons for more than 50 years. he's been around for nearly a century. here's arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez. ♪ >> stirring music from the oakland east bay symphony
5:56 am
orchestra. >> it's showing them a wider world and the importance of gathering together to hear live music. ♪ >> along with the audience of students is doug cropsy who's been teaching kids at his alma mater for more than 50 years. >> something i got when i went to school. (applause) >> a thank you to a modest man who volunteered to advance children's music education. pretty remarkable for a guy who's 99 years old. he calls music an international language. >> they can barely talk to each other and play beautiful music together. so music is something. >> it's happened to him with two students, a vietnamese girl and a chinese boy. >> they have never seen each other, never met each other. i teach them separately and christmastime they played a
5:57 am
duet. that's my greatest achievement. >> but it's been a one-man crusade to help children's lives through music. through concert. >> what we're hoping is it will simply just broaden their horizons. they don't all have to be musicians but they all need to be exposed to all these different things that go on in the world. >> thank you all. see you next year. >> don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> and coming up next at 6:00, the bay area celebrates after the giants beat the phillies to advance to the world series. advance to the world series. and it's a wet sunday
5:58 am
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